Feet, Ears, Face

Reflexology - 60 minute £45

Reflexology with Auricular Acupuncture for Stress & Anxiety -  60 minute £50

A combination of Foot, Face, Ear Reflexology - 90 minute £65

Techniques used:

Duopody Reflexology - is a unique technique in which both feet are treated symmetrically at the same time, exactly reflecting each organ and system in the body.

SportFlexology - provides treatment to specific injuries and focuses on balancing MusculoSkeletal system

Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology - stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet to reduce swelling

 Meridian & One Point Reflexology - working on meridian lines and acupuncture points of the feet and lower legs

 Precision Reflexology,  Ingham, Maternity, Fertility etc


Trained in Level 5 Clinical Reflexology

This course represents the highest level of Reflexology training available in the UK

Thai Foot Massage - 60 minute £45

A really enjoyable massage of the feet and lower legs, which centres on working the SEN lines (energy channels) throughout the body. The massage is performed with the hands and with a Thai foot stick to stimulate reflex points, balancing the mind & body and stimulating the internal organs.

Ayurvedic Foot Ritual Kansa Vataki - 60 minute £45

Ayurvedic traditional foot and lower leg massage with a three-metal Kansa bowl. The three metals are copper, zinc and tin. The treatment working on the Marma points and Nadis, energy points and channels. 

*Treatments are tailored to your individual health needs*



''I sought reflexology because I was feeling continually tired, becoming ill regularly and not sleeping well; like many having a very busy working and family life.  Discovering Eniko has been a revelation, her gentle, calm approach has been one of listening to me, being guided by what I have shared about my life and health, physical and emotional and offering her own insights as to what may help.  She clearly possesses much passion, skill, and knowledge of Reflexology and other complimentary therapies.  Having regular sessions with Eniko has truly benefited me, in feeling calmer, refreshed and adopting a new philosophy that finding time for myself can aid my wellbeing.  I have had Reflexology from a variety of people and places, and 100%, Eniko has offered the very best I have experienced, and I have recommended her to my friends and others. Thank you Eniko.'' 

"This is my "Me Time". Whatever my physical or emotional problems always tailors her reflexology treatments to my individual needs and I leave pain free, relaxed, refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to face the world again.''

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