Body Therapy

Aromatherapy Warm Bamboo Massage & Hot Stone Massage & Cupping Massage Therapy
or combination of above

60 minute £50 & 90 minute £70

Deep Tissue Face Massage - 60 minute £50

It includes shoulders, neck, face and head massage

Back Massage with Hot Stones  - 40 minute £40

Top-to-toe Uplifting Package - 90 minute £70

It includes a Back Massage with Hot Stones – with a personalized blend of uplifting essential oils &

Holistic Facial & Mini reflexology


Hopi Ear Candling - 60 minute £45

Including face and foot massage

Metta Healing - 60 minute £45

Ayurvedic-based gentle and soothing massage to the feet, hands, head and face.

*Treatments are tailored to your individual health needs!



''I have had several treatments with Eniko, mostly back and body massages, hot stones is my favourite, a real tranquil treat. Eniko has a magical touch that melts the muscles into relaxation as she transports me to serene imaginary places during treatments. A choice of essential oils to suit my mode, or body on that day, and soft music really add to the oasis of calm. Eniko’s treatments have also really helped with an ongoing injury and related sciatica - she really knows her stuff and appears to have an inner intuition on how best to treat tension caused by injury. Can’t wait for my next treatment Eniko!''


''Eniko has magic hands and an exceptional ability to turn a hot stone massage into a molten lava experience that soothes body and mind.  A perfect way to release tension stored physically and emotionally.  I loved it so much I bought another as a gift for a friend!''


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