Clients Quotes:

"Eniko manages to get rid of every knot and tension and allows my body to breathe a big sigh of relief. From the warm room, warm welcome and perfect atmosphere, it is time just for me to completely unwind and let go."


''I have followed weekly Aromatherapy and Massage treatments with Eniko for the last year and have been very impressed by her high degree of professionalism, expertise and competence. The sessions have helped me recover from strenuous exercise - in my case long distance cycling- by stripping out tight muscles and releasing connective tissue. I have also had far fewer joint and ligament problems and have recovered from fatigue more quickly. Moreover, after each treatment I feel my levels anxiety and work- related stress are greatly reduced and I am better able to cope with personal and family problems too. Similarly, my quality of sleep has been enhanced and I have received a real psychological boost through-out the Winter months leading to an increase in my general sense of well-being. The benefits from this type of therapy offered by Eniko in a calm and relaxed environment cannot, in my view, be under-estimated!''


 ''Eniko's treatments are a blessing - totally relaxing, and delivered in a compassionate and nurturing way. The oil mixes she blends always smell delightful and I would happily recommend her!''


''I have found both the Reflexology and the Hot Stone Massage to be highly relaxing and a very good way of relieving stress and increasing muscle tone. Further benefits include lower blood pressure. I always feel totally invigorated after each session.''


''Eniko provided a wonderful holistic massage experience. I particularly enjoyed having essential oils personally picked to suit my body and mind. I highly recommend the hot stone massage treatment.''


''The Gaia Studio in Roath is a little haven where I go for to be restored.  Eniko is a superb therapist there and I always thoroughly enjoy her treatments.  I especially enjoy the Thai foot massage which rejuvenates tired legs and feet.  The therapy itself is very relaxing and always gives me a general feeling of wellbeing and renewed energy.''


''Eniko's treatments are divine. I've especially enjoyed aromatherapy back massages with hot stones. I very much like the fact that her treatments are approached holistically and intuitively. That way you get a real healing experience and feel totally rejuvenated and relaxed.''

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