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'Come along and allow your senses to enjoy this aromatic experience.'



''Despite being a little nervous, not knowing quite what to expect, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my ''paprika experience''. As usual Eni's magic hands sent me into a relaxed state, and the initial cleansing and face massage was bliss. The paprika stage made my face tingle for about 15 minutes, however it wasn't unpleasant and I enjoyed the fact that Eni did some reflexology on my feet at the same time. The different aromas of the creams and potions were very pleasant and added to the whole experience. After the treatment my skin felt beautifully clean, firm and glowing. I will definitely booking in for another paprika experience.''

''I was a bit apprehensive at first when I heard the word paprika - but when Eniko told me about the benefits and that it wouldn't be as painful as I thought, I gave it a go. She was right! It wasn't painful at all - it was more of a nice tingling sensation rather than burning which I originally thought would be the case. Now a couple of days on from the treatment my skin feels super soft and rejuvenated. I recommend this treatment to anyone who had tired skin and is in need of a little pamper.''

''I have received many treatments form Eniko and I enjoy and appreciate each one very much. I am able to totally unwind under her hands which I find very beneficial to both mind and body. I think the first treatment I received from her was a Thai foot massage - the first time I had ever had this treatment – and it was wonderful. I had never been so relaxed.  Subsequently I had a series of reflexology treatments with her and she was able after the first session, quite correctly and without any prior conversation, to discover that I was suffering from IBS on that occasion. One of my favourite treatments with Eniko is a facial massage, which works wonders on the skin, and as a result my aging skin is in a much better condition than it was. So much so that friends comment on it! I also love the products which she uses and the oils which she prepares for my skin.''


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